Manuscript Consultations

The work of conference participants is discussed in the daily writing workshops. Some participants desire an additional reading of their work, a manuscript consultation, with the writer-in-residence. Workshop participants may submit one manuscript for one consultation with their workshop leader, if it is available.

Manuscript consultations are thirty minutes long and must be signed up for at the time of registration. The fee is $100 and must be submitted with other conference registration fees. Manuscript consultations are limited and are first-come, first-served upon registration. Manuscript consultations are limited to between four and eight per workshop, depending on faculty preference. Workshop faculty may agree to more consultations if time allows, but manuscripts should be submitted ahead of time.

So that the writer can be fully prepared for the conference, the manuscript to be discussed must be uploaded through the online application system by May 10th. Let us know if you wish to use the work you submitted with your application to the conference workshop by simply checking the box “Please use my conference submission ms.”


  • May I use my conference submission for the consultation? Yes.
  • Do I have to be accepted for a manuscript consultation? No. You have to be accepted into a conference workshop and that is the criterion for ms. consultation. All you have to do now is request a consultation, and include the fee with your registration.
  • Can I request more than one consultation with more than one faculty member? No. You are allowed a consultation with the faculty member leading your workshop.
  • Are Auditors eligible for manuscript consultations? No.
  • Do I have to upload a consultation manuscript at the time of my conference registration? No. But you must upload it by the May 10 deadline. The consultation fee, however, is due with the registration.
  • May I request a consultation after the conference has started? Not likely, though this will be up to each Writer-in-Residence. In general, they want to read the ms. before the conference starts, so they can be well prepared for the consultation.

Number of Manuscript Pages for Consultations

  • Fiction: Maximum of 20 pages of short stories and/or a novel excerpt (double-spaced). With a novel excerpt, add a one-page summary of the novel.
  • Creative Nonfiction: Maximum of 20 pages of creative nonfiction.
  • Poetry: Maximum of 10 pages of poetry (one poem per page, single-spaced).

Style Guide

  • Format: typed (required)
  • Spacing: single for poetry, double for prose
  • Font: Times, Courier or a similar standard face
  • Type Size: 12 point
  • Margins: Minimum of 1 inch on all sides
  • Text Attributes (italics, bolding, all caps, etc.): Use only as necessary to the manuscript.
  • Name and pagination: Include on all pages

Meeting Time: Consultation meeting times will be set up during the conference.

Questions? email the Conference Coordinator at