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Faculty Kudos for the Conference

Camille Dungy: gives the conference an “A+”

  • “The level of engagement the Northwoods Conference allows faculty to have with participants means that we can accomplish an immense amount of quality instruction in a short time. Even as a member of the faculty I am consistently stimulated and creatively nourished. Each year I’ve taught at the conference I’ve encountered some of the best crops of conference participants I’ve had the pleasure of working with anywhere.”

Aimee Nezhukumatathil:

  • “Fantastic – one of the best conferences in the country!”
  • “The faculty readings were all amazing – so rich and varied.”

Attendee Kudos for the Conference

Spectacular – literally life changing for me.

Best of the many conferences I’ve attended. Everyone at ease and great atmosphere.

I have been attending academic conferences for 20 years. I got more from this than I did from CCCC, MLA, MWCA, etc…

One of the best, if not the best conferences I’ve attended. Lots of honesty, absence of arrogance, and genuinely helpful people.

The conference is not over yet, but I do know that I’ve reaffirmed the desire to write, received encouraging feedback from instructors and peers, and gathered excellent resources…. The experience has been invaluable to me and I will definitely be back.

The greatest compliment I can give this event – aside from the fact it has re-energized my belief in myself a an artist – is that I most definitely plan on attending future Minnesota Northwoods Writers Conferences.

I love this place. I’m impressed with the emphasis on the arts here & the beautiful lake setting – inspiring in itself. A fabulous discovery.

The set up was very well done – the workshop, craft talk, readings – seems perfectly priced & inspiring.

Faculty was spectacular.

What did you like best? I have to choose one?! For sure workshop but what I liked most was the welcoming, inclusive, laid-back environment that everybody seemed to contribute to.

The craft talks & readings evoked such creative energy.

Overall this is one of the best conferences I have ever attended. Thank you. I would definitely consider attending again.

I’ve been thrilled with this conference. Thanks for the great time!

This has been a wonderful experience. Loved my workshops, which have transformed me! Can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned.

Encouraged me (the whole conference) to write and gave me tools to move forward.

Housing is very reasonable.

This has been a wonderful experience. Loved my workshops, which have transformed me! Can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned.

Excellent authors! You guys were so kind and helpful. Really enjoyed the participant reading!

The evening readings were excellent and the communal meals were great.

Aimee was fantastic. I learned so much in the span of one week.

Aimee N’s workshop was excellent. She kept us busy writing, critiquing, and learning. One of the best workshops I’ve attended.

Joni was terrific – love her! The best workshop I’ve attended.